The Dilip Roy Choudhury Chapter

The Dilip Roy Choudhury Chapter

Kolkata, West Bengal, Aug 2015: There are a handful of ways to celebrate Independence Day. You can go out for a movie with your loved ones, catch the parade on Red Road, eat out at your favorite eatery, or hang out with your near
and dear ones. But HHOK decided to take a detour.

Dilip Roy Choudhury and his wife Meeta Roy Choudhury.
The 83 years old man from Manicktala, who lives in a 10/10 single room in an old dilapidated building
in North Kolkata, somehow drags his ailing body to the various office ‘paras’ of Kolkata to sell a packet
of the incense stick, which his 52 years old wife buys from Burrabazar. A margin of 3-5/- per packet, with a
maximum sale of 4-5 packets per day. You don’t need to be an Aryabhatta to do the calculations. That is how he runs the family. Not many know about him as well. No family members either to take care of him.

Some of the HHOK members decided to visit them to know their story and bring it out in the open.
Needless to say, he was indeed very happy to welcome us all. As a result of some of the kind contributions from our members, we had arranged for their lunch and dinner, a small token of help in the form of some cash, and also we bought all the 123 packets of incense sticks which he had. He was overjoyed. With folded hands, he thanked us and wanted us to be back again. It embarrassed us
to be very honest. The only thing which came to our mind at that time was to promise him that HHOK will buy 100 packets from him every month. He was delighted.
Again it made our belief a bit stronger than how a small contribution like this can make such a huge difference. We can only urge every one of you to come forward and do whatever you can to make his life a bit more comfortable.


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