Baby Food Distribution

Baby Food Distribution

West Bengal, July 2020: We got a call from an unknown person who came across our page on Facebook. He was a priest, but because of the pandemic, he had lost his source of income, and that it was getting difficult to sustain a family of 4 with an ailing cancer survivor wife and 2 girls, an eight months old and a nine-years-old. He wanted us to help him feed his younger daughter – the typical baby food supplements which were available in the market.

At the outset, we explained to him that we do not deal with individual cases like these, but since this was to do with their younger daughter, protocols didn’t matter. We did a brief background check on the story and went ahead to provide 3-4 months of food and essentials for the 2 kids. The reason we share this is that there are such stories in and around you. It’s time we show our empathy for people around us. They need it now, more than ever.

Also a special thanks to our HHoK family member, Deepanwita Bhowmick to make this possible.


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