Child Care Home

Child Care Home

Kolkata, West Bengal, March 2020: It’s important that we break the norm of celebrating Women’s’; Day only on the 8th of March. Why this special treatment only for one day? Why can’t we celebrate womanhood every other day? Only then I
guess our country will change.

Having said that, we, Helping Hands of Kolkata (HHoK), landed up at Child Care Home this Sunday. There were around 20 kids who welcomed us all with an open heart and a big smile on their face. We started with breakfast, followed by a series of short films on women empowerment. This was then followed by an open stage where they stepped up and showed their talent. The sheer enthusiasm and talent that was on display were unbelievable and mind-blowing. We all danced, sang, and recited
poetry altogether.

HHoK arranged for monthly food supplies for these girls, thanks to generous contributions from our donors. Thank you for making their day special!
There is so much still to do for these kids, in the areas of Food, Education, Skills, and Jobs to empower them and make them self-sustainable. We have however promised them to take them out on a Girl’s; Day Out in and around Kolkata, the next time we are there. With a heavy heart and promise to be back again, we left Child Care Home with a renewed vigor to do more for people who need us the most. We urge you all to keep supporting us for us to make a bigger impact on their lives.

A Big Thank You from Child Care Home and the HHoK team!


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